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A Harvard Square Café, Big Data, competing for small business clients, and again – our favorite subject – cash.  These are the topics in our latest collection of interesting reads.

The ‘store as a community gathering place’ Emerges as a Way To Engage Customers

So much of what we do each day is powered digitally:  reading, listening, talking, buying, and even driving. But this means we are interacting less face-to-face and physically touching less objects. Innovative retailers and even some banks still recognize that we’re social creatures, and are filling the void with “gathering places” that are producing interesting results.

How Big Data Analytics Can Help Small Cashpoints Flourish

Banks are looking for ways to transform their branch network. And listening to ATM usage data is crucial to getting it right. Learn more via this blog post from NCR. 

Winning the Small Business Banking Market

Becoming the primary financial institution (PFI) for a growing business can lead to a fruitful, long-term relationship.  But community banks striving to be that PFI face tough competition from large regional and national financial institutions.  The Financial Brand and Raddon Research Insights summarize research that provides clues on how community banks and credit unions can better compete for small to medium size business clients.

ATM Turns 50, Cash Still Ageless

The ATM turned 50 on Tuesday, but it certainly isn’t close to retirement. Neither is its companion, cash. This post from talks about how the continued resilience of cash will come from it not being THE preferred payment method but as one of the choices among an array of payment methods.


Susannah Moore Griffin
Corporate Communications Manager

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