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The Reading Room – October 19, 2017

In the contactless payment era, why is cash making a comeback?Cash remains an important form of payment despite the popularity of contactless methods in the UK and in the world. This article from The Guardian discusses the rapidly rising rate of the value of banknotes and coins in the economy, and proposes reasons behind the popularity of cash, such as the country’s current austerity and uncertainty about the impact of Brexit.

Different Ways In Which AI Will Revolutionise Financial Services Sector
Advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being applied everywhere in banking – from real-time customer engagement to better risk and fraud management. This article discusses from the global perspective how AI can be used to unlock potential in the financial services sector. 

The ATM at 100, a forecast for 2017–2067: Part 1
After recently celebrating its 50th birthday, the next generation of ATMs is already being blueprinted.  In this article, ATMIA CEO Mike Lee envisions an ATM that is more customer-centric and fully connected to the cloud, to the mobile channel, and to the Internet of Things – dominating social life for the next half century.   

11 Good Reasons Why Cash Is Still King
Looking for one good reason to keep cash in your repertoire of payment methods?  Cheatsheet gives you better than that – and shares 11 of them – from making sure your server gets the tip you intended, to getting a discount on gas. 

Susannah Moore Griffin
Corporate Communications Manager

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