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The Reading Room – December 27, 2017

Five things we all get wrong about branch transformation

When it comes to the topic of branch transformation, it appears everyone has an opinion about what needs to change or transform and ideas on how to effect those changes – so says Jon Voorhees, a former head of distribution strategy and execution for Bank of America, in his byline special to BAI. Along with cautioning the industry to view branch transformation as an evolutionary process, Voorhees poses questions for bankers to consider when thinking about transforming their retail branch network. 

2017 Merry Money Holiday Spending Survey

It’s a few days after Christmas and every present that needed be returned, exchanged or marked for 2018 re-gifting is taken care of.  Has the twinge of guilt over how much you spent started yet? Are you feeling even worse because you made a budget and still overspent?  Don’t despair.  According to this survey from TD Bank, the odds were that overspending with or without a budget was going to happen.  Read the report to learn more about which age groups spent – or planned to spend – more responsibly.  

Will 2018 Be the Year of the Bank of Amazon?

Yes, it’s that time of year when the fortunetellers of commerce are at work, and the financial services industry is no different.  In this article, Credit Union Times covers what experts foresee for payments (a focus on e-commerce), lending (tougher competition between online vendors and large banks), and banking services (mega retailers – physical or online – getting into the FI business). 

ATM cash withdrawal volume grows 6 percent in 2016

And while some pundits continue to prematurely sound the toll for cash, withdrawals and deposits at ATMs are on the increase on a global basis.  ATM Marketplace provides a brief on RBR London’s "ATM Market and Forecasts to 2022." 

Susannah Moore Griffin
Corporate Communications Manager

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