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ATMIA U.S. Conference 2016 Showcases Health of ATM Industry

The ATM Industry Association’s (ATMIA) annual U.S. Conference took place in New Orleans, February 23-25. Based on the attendance at this year’s event and the exciting innovations and topics being discussed in the halls and sessions at the event, the ATM industry in the U.S. is thriving and innovating, with a bright future indeed.
Topics of conversation ranged from the extensive research proving the resilience of cash, to the future of the consumer experience at the ATM, with plenty of focus on how those in the industry can continue to improve overall operational effectiveness and efficacy while also realizing the opportunities presented to the industry by EMV.
The busy show floor was a hive of activity as industry veterans and newcomers explored the many innovations coming to the ATM market. With over 100 booths, new ideas were in abundance. Cardtronics showcased the new Kalpana technology that it recently deployed in pilots around Dallas while also showing off its ATM Marketing and screen-branding software among other advances. Nautilus Hyosung’s expansive presence included intriguing virtual-teller hardware alongside more traditional ATMs. New security technology promised to make the cash stored in ATMs even more secure while apps were used both to access cash (cardless transactions) and to monitor ATM processing and availability for deployers.
Breakout sessions at the ATMIA event covered the gamut from EMV readiness and mobile integration opportunities to the critical role cash plays in the consumer economy and the ways the ATM will evolve into the future. Cardtronics’ Bill Knoll, Managing Director of Allpoint, joined Joel Swanson from Alaska USA FCU to discuss how financial institutions can better serve their cardholders through a multi-pronged approach to ATM distribution.
Speaking on the ATM industry’s future in her session, “Vision 2020,” Nancy Daniels, EVP and COO of Hyosung, predicted that ATM transactions would continue to rise in the coming years while shifting to more off-premise, non-branch locations. Simultaneously, consumers will continue to seek out convenience while ATM deployers install more powerful machines in retail locations that more closely match the capabilities of traditional branch-based ATMs. Daniels also predicted that $20 notes in circulation will reach 10 billion by 2020 and that consumers will still look to the ATM as their source for cash while demanding improved uptime and transaction quality.
With over 400,000 ATMs deployed across the United States and many more around the globe, the ATM is a vital channel that continues to evolve and benefit from the innovative thinking of many individuals and companies, as was in evidence at this year’s largest ATM industry-focused event.
Joel Antonini
Senior Vice President, Marketing

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