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Cash: King of the Road

If you’re trying to fit in one last bit of summer vacation fun for your family, take some advice from one of Cardtronics’ managers: Bring cash!
Cash still king of the road

Road Trip!!

Summertime for American families often means loading up and heading out on the open road. Yes, flying is faster but there is so much to see and do on a road trip. Besides, it’s sort of a rite of passage for the stereotypical suburban family; so that’s what my wife, our two children, and I did this summer. In addition to learning a lot of interesting things about the states we traveled through – we were also reminded of the value of cash.
For example, any road trip wouldn’t be complete without having some souvenirs to bring back. Along the way we made a point to do a coin press wherever we could find one available. These are a great way to have an inexpensive but memorable souvenir. But good luck trying to find a coin press machine that takes a debit or credit card though. These are cash only and, without having some greenbacks on hand, we would have missed out on them.
Another advantage of cash is it was a great way to stay on budget during the trip. We’ve all been at some destination where we thought, “Oh that would be neat to have” and splurge – multiple times. Later, we wonder how we spent so much beyond what we budgeted! By using cash as our main payment method, my family was able to focus on getting the things we really wanted and not busting the bank.

Giving Back

Having cash available on a road trip didn’t only help our family. It allowed us to help others too. While driving through Arizona we came upon an older couple on the side of the road due to car troubles. When we stopped to help, we gave them some cold bottled water and some cash to help with any immediate expenses they might have. They were very appreciative of both!
So if you’re planning to slip in a road trip before school starts, make a lifetime of memories. And also be sure to stop by an ATM and get some traveling money.
Chris Cox
Interactive Marketing Manager

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