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Cash Is Fun! Thanksgiving Turkey Origami Step-by-Step

Take a break from food and football this Thanksgiving, and lead your family and friends in a fun project.  Give each person a crisp dollar bill, then have them follow the simple instructions below for making a Thanksgiving turkey.  

You may also download the instructions here.

1. Fold the dollar bill in half and crease it.  

2. Fold the left edge under about 3/8 of an inch, and crease the fold.

3. Fan-fold the left half of the dollar bill until you reach the crease in the middle.

4. Fold the fan end of the dollar bill in half and crease it in the center.

5. Bring the edges of the fan together, and fold the edges of together in a tiny fold - twice. 

6. Fold the side edge of the other end of the dollar bill up to meet the top edge, so they are evenly aligned.

7. Fold the point at the upper right down to the point at the lower left of the triangle.

8. Fold the triangle at its base until it is straight up, leaving a small gap between the triangle and the fan.

9. Fold the tip of the triangle away from the fan to make a small triangle.  

Matt Hetrick
Marketing Manager

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