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Allpoint Memebers get more from their membership with free marketing support

Get the most out of your Allpoint membership

Communication is critical in all walks of life, and getting the most out of your Allpoint membership is no different. Touting the virtues of 55,000 surcharge-free cash destinations is a sure way to drive new business, elevating the convenience of your banking platform and quickly removing any impediment to consideration caused by a smaller physical presence.

Allpoint helps you get the most out of your Allpoint membership by providing you with ready-to-use marketing messages, graphics and themes that can help your institution leverage Allpoint to win new cardholders and ensure existing cardholders are getting the most out of the network.

The Allpoint Marketing Toolkit provides regularly updated and refreshed messaging with themed messages perfect for every holiday and season and anytime, anywhere messaging that breaks through the media clutter to make an immediate impact. A wide variety of electronic and print pieces are available for your use, free of charge, including social media graphics, website banners, in-branch posters, ATM screen messages, handouts and much more.

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